Graufthal seen by artists

Willy Kuhn (1938)

Watercolor painting

Emilie Stahl (1847-1938)

Oil painting on canvas

F. Hardy

Anonymous artist

R. Oysmus




Jacques Rothmuller (1804-1862)


Virtual visit

The Northern Vosges Regional Nature Park and the Maisons des Rochers give visitors the possibility to discover the place through a screen. Indeed, the site is totally inaccessible to wheelchairs, and impossible to adapt, as this would alter its appearance.

This is why, as part of the Park’s accessibility policy since 2005, this virtual tour allows physically disabled people to visit the troglodytic houses.

With about forty viewpoints located all over the site, it is possible to have a 360° horizontal and 180° vertical view on each of them. Each viewpoint is enhanced with additional information. Thus, the visitor can navigate freely as if he/she were walking through the houses.

The panoramas allow the visitor to follow the path of a real guided tour, but he/she can also directly choose upon several viewpoints on a global map of the site. Thanks to the support of OLCA, an Alsatian version is also possible.

This project was realized by Jean-Michel Lafleur of the company Photolys, located in Reichshoffen.
Please note that a kit is also available for visually impaired people.
This kit allows them to discover the places through touch.

Graufthal films

A look back at the restoration and consolidation works on the Graufthal abbey

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Report: Maisons des Rochers

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September 23, 2015

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